Server Deals

Explore the current deals we have to offer below, we're certain something will suit your needs. Otherwise shoot us a message and we can definitely find you a better solution!

Plan CPU RAM Disk IP Allocation Bandwidth Price
Dedicated 16GB 2x 2.70Ghz E5-2690 8 Core 16 GB DDR3 2x 300GB 2 IPv4 Addresses Unmetered @ 1Gbit/s $85.00/mo Order Now
Dedicated 32GB 2x 2.70Ghz E5-2690 8 Core 32 GB DDR3 2x 300GB 2 IPv4 Addresses Unmetered @ 1Gbit/s $125.00/mo Order Now

Included Services

Server Hosting

Our server hosting plans are made to fit your needs. Our servers are hosting in Atlanta, Ga inside sercure and redundent Data Centers. Allowing us to keep you connected and online.


We offer IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Services. As we grow our network to multiple IX and Providers we can pass the benefit of our services along to you in a hassle free manner.


We offer colocation services depending on your needs. With our Colocation we strive to provide secure and redundant network for all of our clients. Our greatest goal is to provide a secure environment for all your data and services.

what makes PacketCove unique?

PacketCove provides a professional, low cost and hassle-free experience for all clients. Let us take care of the hard for you work so you can focus on your business!

A dedicated server is precisely what its name suggests: a server dedicated entirely to your organization’s tasks and performance. Unlike a typical PC, a dedicated server consists of enterprise-grade hardware resources that organizations can leverage to power their business-critical applications.

Bandwidth is the volume of information that can be sent over a connection at a given time – calculated in megabits per second (Mbps).

With todays massive technology sector growing from VR, Streaming, Gaming, etc sometimesits hard to detemine contact our team for assistance today.

Colocation is a service when you can use your own hardware and rent space in our facility/racks. You can take advatage of our network and still have complete control over your own hardware.

It's best suited for people or companies that have there own hardware on hand but no longer want to keep it on premise.

At PacketCove, we strive to maintain a high level of security and performance. Our servers are professionally managed and backed up daily to ensure a powerful and redundant infrastructure.

A highly secured network and a team of experts help keep our servers healthy so your business can continue to grow.